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We deliver all over the world and always do our best to make sure that the items are delivered to our customers as quickly as possible.

Typically, our customers receive their order before the delivery time. If you do not receive your order, there is no need to panic.

You have a guarantee with our company when you make a purchase on our site so we can refund your money or return your order. With our company, you never lose.

It can take between 2 and 5 business days to prepare an order and execute an order.

We must check and process each product properly to ensure that the products are in good condition before shipping.

We collaborate with many transportation companies such as DHL, EMS, USPS, CNE, including e-package, post office, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, etc.

And usually for different countries, we have different logistics channels of special lines.

Yes, we offer several means of express delivery, it is up to you to choose the cost and time that suits you.

The delivery time varies depending on the logistic channels and destinations.

You can see the estimated delivery time on the shopping cart page by selecting the country of delivery during the checkout process.

Europe: Generally most countries, deliveries are within 2 to 7 business days.

International: Estimated delivery time is 2 to 10 business days.

Shipping time and cost depend on the country, number of items and item category.

Orders over one item will have a much lower shipping cost.

Country & shipping time

United States

3-6 business days


4-7 business days

United Kingdom

2-4 business days


3-5 business days


3-5 business days


2-4 business days


4-7 business days

Ivory Cost

2-4 business days

Europe : Generally most countries, deliveries are within 2 to 7 business days.

International (Rest of the world) : Estimated delivery time is 2 to 10 business days.

We ship to almost every country in the world.

Customers need to know if the purchased items can be imported. If customers need to complete the customs clearance of the package, customers must do it themselves. If customs duties must be paid, customers must bear the cost alone.

Orders may need to be cleared through customs in your country in very rare cases. This depends on the rules of your country. Top Player Brand is not responsible for delays caused by the customs service in your country.

Additional costs or delays may occur during international trade. We sincerely hope that you will not use additional import costs or customs clearance delays to justify refund requests or negative comments, as it is not up to us.

We have not yet had any such concerns or complaints on this subject.

Customers can request a refund or we can return the item if the package has not been delivered within 45 days of shipment.

1 – the tracking number will be available on your order page after your order has been shipped.

2 – you can check the delivery process of your order on our site by clicking on “TRACKING” or HERE.

Please indicate your order number and your email address linked to your account used to place your order.

3 – we will also give you a personalized link where you can follow the delivery process of your order to your home.

4 – you will also have the link of the shipping company to verify and track the progress of your order to your delivery address.

Shipping time and cost depends on country, number of items and item category.

Orders above one item get much cheaper shipping costs.

Our shipping costs are the best on the market because we have adjusted them so that it is not very expensive.

You must understand that shipping costs are out of our reach, as they are required by the shipping companies.

Yes, all products can be shipped from our U.S. warehouse using the local logistics channel and you can also view tracking information all the way through.

Yes! We offer free shipping on orders over $150. Our products are of very good quality and have a very low cost. We have also adjusted the shipping charges to low rates.

We offer discount codes that are always available on our website. For wholesale buyers, we offer an automatic discount during the process of your order.


We can supply you with our items in bulk.

Please choose your method of payment and make the payment.

For the delivery time, it depends on the volume of your order.

In general, we have a large stock for an item on sale, but if an item in your order is out of stock, we will need some time to prepare it.

In addition, to ensure the quality of our items, large volume orders usually take longer to prepare.

However, we will do our best to speed things up for you if it is really urgent.

As a general rule, the processing time is 2-5 business days for a large volume order and the shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose.

For more information, click here.

There is no minimum order quantity and all products on Top Player Brand can be delivered.

You can order a single item that does not cause any problem.

Yes, of course, you can change an item, a size or your delivery address, but it would be more reasonable to do so before we ship your order. Indeed, once your package has been shipped, it is no longer possible to modify your order.

Cancel an order not yet paid
Please contact our customer service department: support@topplayerbrand.com.

Cancel an order already shipped
Please contact our customer service department: support@topplayerbrand.com.

Cancel an already paid order
Please contact our customer service department quickly: support@topplayerbrand.com

1- log in or create a new account.

2 – please read your item specifications, once you are happy with it please choose your items and check your order.

3 – payment & delivery to your address.


Purchasing is easy. Choose one or more products on our website: www.topplayerbrand.com

If you do not understand the language on our website, please change the language by choosing a language that suits you best on our website.
You can also change the currency by choosing your currency to better understand the cost of the clothes.

How do I order?

Here are the steps to place an order on our website:

1- log in to our website: www.topplayerbrand.com

2 – select the item you want to buy, then select the color and size and add the product to the cart. Go to the shopping cart.

3 – select your country or delivery address and choose the delivery cost that suits you.

Click on “UPDATE” and then click on “CONFIRM ORDER”.

4 – if you have already ordered from us, please enter your ID or continue by clicking on “IGNORE IDENTIFICATION”.

5 – if you have not yet created an account with us, you can do so in this step by checking the box “Create an account”. Then fill in the requested information. Please also fill in the billing information and your delivery address.

6 – please choose your payment method and make the payment.

Then, we proceed to the shipping of your order as soon as possible. Thank you

We also inform you at any time about the shipping process of your order (e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, on your Top Player Brand customer account).

We inform you when :
– Payment has been accepted
– We provide you with an invoice of your order.
– When the order department starts processing your order.
– When your order has been processed.
– When your order has been shipped.
– We provide you with the number of your shipped package. (this number allows you to recognize your package when it arrives at your delivery address).
– When your order has arrived on the national territory of the destination country.
– When the order has arrived at the pick-up point or the final destination.
– We confirm that your package has arrived at the delivery address you have indicated.

1 – the tracking number will be uploaded on the page of your order after your order has been shipped.

2 – you can check the delivery process of your order on our site by clicking on “TRACKING” or HERE.

Please indicate your order number and your e-mail address linked to your account that placed your order.

3 – we will also give you a link to the official website of the transport company responsible for shipping your order where you can follow the delivery process of your order to your home.

We are glad that you receive your order at home and that you like our brand so that you can place another order on our site.

Didn’t receive your order confirmation and tracking information?

Please check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received anything, then go to your Top Player Brand account on “My Orders” where you will find the status of your order.

Yes, when you place an order on Top Player Brand, you automatically receive an invoice in your e-mail box. You can check your mailbox, if you don’t see an invoice from us yet, please check your spam box.

On Top Player Brand, you just have to pay the cost of the product and the shipping costs. There is no need to pay any membership fee, packaging fee, processing fee, order commission or other additional charges.


Yes, we accept investors. If you are an investor you are always welcome. We are always happy to work with new investors from all over the world. You can contact our department in charge of this at investing@topplayerbrand.com.


Yes, we accept those who wish to work in Dropshipping with us, we can offer them our services with pleasure.

This must be done upon request.


During checkout, if you see a message displayed in your shopping cart regarding shipping costs: “No shipping method available”.

1- Make sure the address you entered is correct or contact us if you need help.

If the problem is not solved please contact us immediately on one of the two instant message services displayed at the bottom of the page of our website.

If you do not find your country in the list of shipping countries in the order process, please contact us to make your country available.

Make a request by contacting us:  E-mail: contact@topplayerbrand.com

If you cannot find a shipping company related to your country in the ordering process, please contact us to make your country available if possible.

Make a request by contacting us: E-mail: contact@topplayerbrand.com


You have the possibility to return the item and be refunded.

You have 3 weeks from the delivery date to return your items.

The product must be new, otherwise we will not accept the return. We will proceed to refund or exchange the product once we have received the package and checked it in good condition.

Customers must also pay for the return shipping costs themselves.

You are entitled to a full refund if you did not receive your order for reasons on our side.

Customers can request a refund or we can return the item if the package has not been delivered within 45 days of shipment.

Refunds will be issued within 14 days of receipt of the item if the item is returned.

The customer is responsible for shipping costs for the return of damaged items.

Please include your order date and number to expedite the refund.

1. Contact customer service for the return address. Please mention in your request, the order number, the number(s) of the item(s) you wish to return and the reason for your return.

Without this, Top Player Brand will not be able to process your request and issue a refund.

2. Place the items in their original packaging.

3. Drop off your package to the carrier that Top Player Brand will indicate to you.

4. Once the package is received in the warehouse, after analysis, the refund will be done automatically.

For more information about our return policy please click here.

In the event of a problem, the customer must notify us of the condition of the package and inform us of the return or exchange of the items.

The customer can only return the item(s) received if there is damage to the item(s) within 3 weeks from the delivery date.

The customer will need to contact us to give us more information about the damaged item(s) with supporting documentation.

Goods to be returned or exchanged must be unworn, with all original tags attached and in their original packaging.

Items returned without any signs of wear are classified as unacceptable and will not be refunded.

After analysis and proof that the item received by the customer is defective we will proceed with the refund.

We do not assume the shipping costs otherwise keep the item and make an agreement with our service.

The shipping costs for a new product will be at our expense.

To learn more about the return procedure and conditions, click here.

If you have received an incorrect item, you can file a complaint to let us know the status of the package and the return or exchange of the item(s) . Please send us a photo of the item originally ordered.

If you return your item without notifying our customer service, our return service will not be able to return your item in stock and therefore will not be able to ask for a refund or exchange of it.

To learn more about the return procedure and conditions, click here for more information.

Refunds will be issued within 14 days of receipt of points. This will also depend on your banking system.

Full refund if you do not receive your order.
To learn more about the procedure and conditions of return, click here .

The return can sometimes take the same number of days as you received your package, so it takes patience.

You are supposed to receive two emails from us.

1 – a first e-mail will be sent to you as soon as we receive your package.

2 – a second e-mail when it has been processed

If you have not received confirmation after a maximum of 31 business days, please contact our customer service department: contact@topplayerbrand.com with your order number and details of the item(s) being returned.


In order to communicate effectively with Top Player Brand, we offer you several forms of contact to reach us.

Please contact us here > Contact us


Our brand is based on quality and our manufacturing materials are of good quality. Our products are well designed for you and durable.

You will surely love it when you have your order in your hands and have the opportunity to see our clothes to the touch and while wearing them.

Our products are of good quality, we gather fashion and style from many countries on our site so that all customers can be satisfied.

It sometimes happens that a product on our site is out of stock.
If you are in this situation do not hesitate to contact the customer service: contact@topplayerbrand.com and leave us the information of the product concerned as well as your information in order to inform you when the product will be in our stock.

Sizes depend on each product, the sizes are mentioned in the specifications of each product.

The customer should check the size guide in the specification of each product to be sure of a successful order.

We advise all customers to please take their measurements or know their size better and then read the product specifications before placing an order.

Note that sizes may vary depending on the model and that a “one size fits all” product does not necessarily fit all” sizes. It simply means that there is only one size.

The true color may be slightly different from the images due to the computer screen resolution, brightness, contrast, etc.. The product you will receive should be 99% identical to the one visible on our website.

Hoping that you will understand.


We accept all currencies, but please note that the main currency of our site is the (USD$).

1 – please check your card details to make sure the information is correct. This includes the expiration date, the cardholder’s name and the security code on the back of your card, as well as the billing address.

2 – check if your card limit has not been reached or has not been reviewed by your bank.

3 – if despite the first two tips your card is still rejected during payment, please try another card or payment method.
If you are still experiencing problems please submit your problem to our customer service department: contact@topplayerbrand.com then check with your bank to find out if your card is authorized to make online purchases.

Our methods of payment, click here.

As soon as we receive authorization from your bank, the money will be debited. An e-mail will be sent to you to confirm your order, if your card is declined or is still requesting authorization, the balance will not be withdrawn. You can contact your card issuer to authorize the payment.

Please note that even if a payment is not authorized, a transaction may be visible on your real-time statements. This happens because some banks hold the funds for a certain period of time before authorizing the withdrawal of the money by our structure.

The prices of our products do not include taxes. Sometimes in some countries customs and VAT duties are applied, this policy is beyond our means and we cannot do anything about it.

These customs duties and taxes related to the delivery of an item are at your expense and are your responsibility. If you refuse the delivery of your package, the deliverer could be obliged to send the package back to Top Player Brand, which could result in additional charges in addition to the original customs fees or import duties that were chargeable to you.

We advise the customer to take this information into account before making a purchase.

When you are in West Africa and you choose to pay with the CinetPay payment gateway, during your payment, the initial price of your order will be converted into another currency which will be the XOF FCFA.

The exchange of this conversion is carried out in a normal and international way.

We do not take any other amount other than the initial price of your order.

No other amount is added, even during conversion.
The conversion will be fair and according to international market values.

Your bank will charge you the amount corresponding to the initial price of your order.

For reasons of our company’s partnership with payment gateway structures, we must pass this step to our very dear customers.
Payments are guaranteed and you are safe.


Top Player Brand is a department belonging to TOP PLAYER COMPANY.

Our actions are spreading all over the world and we offer our customers an easy way to make their purchases by offering a wide range of quality and branded items at www.topplayerbrand.com .

TOP PLAYER Brand markets several products belonging to many major category groups: clothing, small gadgets, accessories for women, men and we are setting up a structure for children.

The E-commerce service on this site is dedicated to people who are subscribed to fashion, style, elegance, beauty… Top Player Brand is active on online sales.

TOP PLAYER® is a brand of clothing and accessories certified in fashion, we have invested on quality and originality. The articles of our brand have been made by professionals and specialists in different countries in order to have several product styles.

The products that we offer you are of very good quality at reasonable prices that have been carefully analyzed by our personal service in charge of deciding the prices of the products.

Behind the online site, there is a whole group working within this department to give a great growth of the department and it goes like a family. The team always works to please you we are available 24H/24H 7D/7D online. You can’t be disappointed with Top Player Brand because we are innovative at every moment.

www.topplayerbrand.com is the international fashion e-commerce online store, fast with hundreds and thousands of quality products at reasonable prices. Focusing on the latest fashion style, both outfits include curves, swimwear, men’s, children’s and accessories…

Top Player® is the official brand of the company. The Top Player® brand is widespread in the English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese markets on five continents and has more than 1.52 million fans worldwide.
Top Player Brand is packed with many different styles and modes to bring everyone together.

You are a modern brand, a good quality retailer with various products in the world of fashion wherever you are at the moment, we are delighted to hear that you are interested in working with Top Player Brand.

Please submit your request to contact@topplayerbrand.com

NB: Please note that we receive many requests from suppliers and we will only contact you when we find it necessary to collaborate.

Top Player Brand is a collection of different and original clothing styles and fashions, of good quality at prices carefully studied by our service.

Top Player Brand offers you the latest fashion trends from different countries and continents to offer you a wide range of good quality items (Russia, London, Paris, Japan, Shanghai, New York … ) at competitive prices.


You are a businessman and want to offer something positive, we are delighted to hear that you are interested in working with Top Player Brand, please submit your request to contact@topplayerbrand.com or email us at   affiliates@topplayerbrand.com and introduce yourself .


Earn enough money with our affiliate program Top Player Brand. The money is paid to your Paypal account or to your bank account. Sign up for our affiliate program Top Player Brand and earn a lot of money.
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Are you a fashion blogger, an influencer?

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NB: Please note that we receive a lot of requests and we will only contact you when we find it necessary to collaborate.


When you open an account at Top Player Brand, you will be able to make purchases much more easily. An account allows you to :

Check the status of your current and previous orders.

Top Player Brand offers more opportunities when you open an account, you will always stay informed about news, promotions, free promo codes, coupons and many other surprises.

Save your payment and shipping information to make ordering easier.

Ask a question and/or write a review about a product. Participate in contests and win gifts by writing a review.

Add an item to “My Favorites” so you can buy it later.

Yes, of course, you can close your Top Player Brand account. To do so, you need to contact customer service.

Customer Service will take care of closing your Top Player Brand account.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgotten Password”.

We will ask you to enter the e-mail address of your account and will immediately send a new password to your e-mail address.

To update and/or change my shipping or billing address:

1. log in to your account and click on ” My account ” .

2. once you are in the page ” My account ” click on ” Address ” .

3. when you are in the “Address” page you will see “DELIVERY ADDRESS” and then next to it “CHANGE”.

Make sure that you have entered the correct credentials, i.e. the email address and the same password you used when you registered.

If you still can’t login to your account please contact customer service.

How do I change my e-mail address?

To change your e-mail address :

1. Log in to your Top Player Brand account and click on ” My account ” .

2. Once you are in the ” My Account ” page click on ” Account Details ” .

3. When you are in the “Account Details” page you can enter your new email address and then click on “SAVE CHANGES”.