We offer both Wholesale

We have our own official brand: TOP PLAYER®.

You have several product choices. We are the manufacturers and designers. Our items include: clothing in various styles (everyday clothing, beach vacations, club, office lady, party, etc.).

We have very neat and high quality items. Our images are real. This is a great opportunity to wholesale or dropship with us.

The best part is that we assist you 24H/7D.

For wholesale customers

You can start now with us.

To know

For wholesale buyers, our prices are already reduced and this is a good opportunity to make your purchases.

Depending on the quantity of your order we will notify you to make another discount.

If you sell our items in your physical store or online, you can use our images, size charts and descriptions. It is very easy to sell our items.

For the delivery time, it depends on the volume of your order.

Usually, we have a large stock for an item on sale, but if an item in your order is out of stock, we will need more time to prepare it.

In addition, to ensure the quality of our items, large volume orders usually take longer to prepare.

However, we will do our best to speed things up for you if it is really urgent.

Typically the processing time is 3-5 business days for a large volume order and the shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose.

How to place a bulk order

We would like to mention that we take into account wholesale orders from 15 items minimum.

If you need to place a large order please inform us so that we can assist you with your online order.

You want to sell online but you don't have an e-commerce website yet?

You want to sell online but you don’t have a website yet?

If you don’t have an e-commerce website yet and you want to have your own online store, a very nice website with settings already installed to facilitate the sale of your products online, then we can help you.

Our other department Top Player Marketing attached to the same company will help you the best.

Tell us what kind of website you want to have and what kind of operation you want to assign to your website then the website creation department will give you a quote.

Please contact our other department to have more details and give us more details about your project.
Write to us here: webcreation@topplayermarketing.com

Means of payment

We have several ways to receive payments from our customers.

1. United States, Europe, South America, North America, Asia

For its thousands of “international” customers who buy on our site use the means offered to them.


We accept these payment methods online when you make a purchase.

Western Union & MoneyGram, international bank transfer.

For customers who do not have a credit card or who are not allowed to use a bank account, they can pay their order by Western Union or Money Gram or by bank transfer.

For customers who have chosen Western Union or MoneyGram as their payment method, we have a payment system that registers your order online and then you have to go to a Western Union or Money Gram branch to send the exact amount of your order.

For bank transfer, you can do it with your online bank account or go to your bank to transfer to our bank account.

We will provide you with the receipt information to make the shipment and all the contact information to facilitate your money transfer.

After making the money transfer, you must keep your money transfer receipt (Western Union & Money Gram) or proof of bank transfer and send it to us at wholesale@topplayerbrand.com.

Our customer bulk order loading department will verify the authenticity of your payment and receipt in order to process your order and ship it.

We do not ship your order without receiving payment for those who have chosen Western Union or Money Gram & Bank Transfer as payment method.

2. Africa

The easiest way to collect payments is by mobile money.

Mobile money payments

Ivory Coast

* Orange money
* MTN money
* Moov money


* Orange money
* Mobicash

Burkina Faso

* Orange money
* Moov money


* Orange money
* Free money


* TMoney
* Moov money flooz


* Orange money
* MTN money


* Orange money
* MTN money
* Express union mobile money

Democratic Republic of Congo

* Orange money
* Airtel money
* Mpessa


* MTN money

Payments by Electronic Wallet

* Wari payment
* YUP payment

3. Rest of the world

Payments will be offered by credit card, bank card


We accept these payment methods online when you make a purchase.

Money transfer (Western Union & MoneyGram) and international bank transfer.